Skating is about putting all of your energy into something that keeps you creative.

This week’s guest is one of the world's top skateboarders, industry entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

Torey Pudwill began skating in California when he was 4 years old. At 14, he edited his first video series, "How To Go Pro", and began his trek to stardom. Since then, he's filmed 10 video parts, amassed dozens of sponsors, won X-Games medals and Street League competitions.

In 2011, Pudwill won Street Skater of the Year. Professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Jeron Wilson said, "I don't think you can say anything bad about Torey. He's one of those guys that's just one of the greatest skateboarders."

On the show, Pudwill and I discuss the world of skateboarding, competitions, preparation, and more. At the start of the show, Pudwill discloses, for the first time publicly, that he has narcolepsy.

I’m your host Paul Rabil and welcome to Suiting Up Podcast, a show where I delve into the stories of some of today’s leading athletes, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, interviewing them and unpacking the psychology of their success.

Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill

Show Notes

0:00 Dealing with Narcolepsy
2:15 Intro
5:50 The Importance of Punctuality and Scheduling
9:00 Working Smart
10:30 Dropping Out of High School
13:15 How He Approaches Communication
16:15 Balancing Business and Performance
21:50 Grizzly Grip Tape Origin Story

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