Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time, Paul Levesque – known to most as Triple H – joins us on Suiting Up. What makes his story even more compelling than a 14-time world title reign over his 30 year in-ring career? He's also the WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Talent, Strategy and Development. What he's accomplishing as a sports executive is quickly becoming what he'll be more known for. He's taking the business to new heights, and when I ask him how he's been able to do both so well for so long, he delivers no shortage of anecdotes, and cites a ton of grit, grind, sacrifice, and family support. 

His wardrobe looks like Clark Kent's – pristine business suits with his elbow and knee pads underneath, ready to go.

Here’s what we cover on the pod:

1. Paul’s unique path to become a pro wrestler…her had a ton of work ethic, but no access – so he began to body build…

2. We talk about his eye for talent – how Paul has led a developmental program called NXT that’s made pro wrestling a career choice for young athletes around the world

3. His evolving training regimen. He's 51 years old and still a beast. Though he's no longer training like a bodybuilder. Rather, he focuses on function and mobility, famously doing his midnight workouts with his wife and WWE owner, Stephanie McMahon. Also, lookout for a gross and eerily comedic story about Paul tearing his bicep so he could get relief in his shoulder...

4. Lastly, we discuss the media rights business at the WWE. Paul’s been on the front line of those negotiations, with the latest announcement that the WWE is tucking it's OTT platform, the "WWE Network", into peacock for a reportedly $205M – taking their total media rights package through the entirety of their term to $705M (including the RAW and Smackdown bundles)

Enjoy the show.

Paul Levesque

Paul Levesque

WWE Superstar, and EVP of Global Talent, Strategy, and Development

Show Notes

4:40 Still Being In The Ring
6:35 Sports Entertainment vs. Sport
12:35 Looking Behind The Curtain in the 90's Versus Now
17:50 How He Earned The Cerebral Assassin Moniker
23:40 Getting Into The Business
30:55 Developing WWE Talent
39:10 Developing Leadership
42:45 The Relationship Between Talent and The Show
49:15 The Mentality Behind Live Promos
54:05 The Importance Of Humility
62:25 Developing Thick Skin
66:45 Developing A Retention Mindset

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