She's won at the World Cup, Olympics, in the Pros, and at the NCAA level. Few athletes in any sport have ever matched this feat. This is Abby Wambach, one of the greatest goal scorers and clutch players of all-time.

Abby is far more than what she's accomplished on the pitch. She's a best-selling author, motivational speaker and activist. Her autobiography, Forward, released in 2016, became a New York Times bestseller. And her second book, Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power and Change the Game, based on her viral commencement speech at Barnard College, was also a New York Times bestseller in 2019.

On the show we talk about how she was able to transcend sports into a new career, how she confronted her struggles with addiction, how she rediscovered love and communication in relationships with her partner (and bestselling author) Glennon Doyle, and last but not least, the lessons from the biggest moments in her athletic career that thread through each of her steps in life today.

I can't think of a better advocate for sports, gender equality, a more empathetic, confident yet humble human being, and a true leader through thick and thin. I hope you enjoy my next episode with Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach

World Cup, Olympic, Professional, and NCAA Champion

Show Notes

3:15 Why She Wants You To Forget Her
7:35 Creating a Wolfpack
14:15 The Influence of Michelle Akers
25:15 Dealing With Failure
32:25 The Importance of Structure and Routine To an Athlete
35:30 Keeping a Positive Mindset
43:20 Personal Vs. Professional Relationships
49:25 Behind Her Relationship with Glennon Doyle
56:00 The Importance of Listening to Yourself and Others

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