The 13x Stanley Cup Champion Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the original six clubs in the NHL, carrying with them a legacy only matched by few teams around the world. Their captain was the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NHL Draft and is considered one of the best players in the world, having shattered dozens of scoring records along the way. Though more than his ability to perform on the ice, John Tavares is a singular leader with an unconventional set of skills, extreme doggedness and emotional intelligence. Accepting the role of captain for the Toronto Maple Leafs comes with a lot of pressure – internally and externally. And he's up for every bit of that challenge.

On the show we talk about JT's love for hockey, imagination he brings to the ice in practice, the importance of having a great offseason, resilience of fighting through injury, lessons learned from greats like Wayne Gretzky, and why growing up playing lacrosse had a big impact on where he is today.

The Maple Leafs are currently atop the North Division with 12 points in-hand, eyeing the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs scheduled to begin on May 11th. Tavares has been here before. When everything's on the line. He's one of very few athletes who can keep the high intensity needed to perform at the highest level, while also balancing the locker room with perspective and wisdom.

John Tavares

John Tavares

NHL Captain, All-Star, and First Overall Pick

Show Notes

4:30 John's Relationship with his Uncle
8:30 Practicing to Improve
10:45 The Toronto Malboro's and Sam Gagne's Influence
13:30 The Importance of Access To Equipment
17:40 Dealing With The Criticism That Comes With Early Success
25:00 John's Relationship With Pressure
28:45 Being A Captain
32:20 Being on Team Canada
36:20 Recovering From Injury After The Olympics
43:20 Playing Through Injuries vs Immediate Rehab
46:45 Going From The Islanders to The Leafs
50:20 How Having A Child Improved His Play
54:15 The John Tavares Foundation

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