He's the undisputed and greatest NBA shooter of all time. Steph Curry shares the fundamentals and creative art of becoming the best player, husband, father, investor and activist he can be. His 3 NBA rings, 2 MVP's, All-Pro's and All-Stars often come from a flow state. How does he get there? Family, faith, relentless work ethic, staying even-keeled, and coming back to his core values of trust, commitment and care.

His father Dell taught him to shoot by starting from the paint. Now Steph gets buckets from the logo. I throw him questions from the free throw line and halfcourt. He doesn't hold back.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry

NBA Champion, MVP, All-Star, and Investor

Show Notes

6:15 Starting with the Fundamentals
15:00 How Davidson Changed Him
18:45 Keeping a Mid Major Mindset
22:45 Chip On The Shoulder Vs. Love For The Game
24:50 Steph's Role Models
28:20 Why He Re-Signed with Golden State
34:20 Managing Social Media/Fan Interactions
41:00 His Interest In Politics
48:25 Balancing Investments With Being a Professional Athlete
52:40 His Passion for Golf And Scholarships For HBCU's
55:00 Under Armour And Changing The Game For Good

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