In a sport where one mistake can lead to fatality, Lindsey Vonn didn't just win the Olympics, take home 82 World Cup wins, earn 2 ESPYS for Best Female Athlete, but she's done so with dozens of bone fractures, ligament tears and reconstructive surgeries on her knee. What makes Lindsey the greatest alpine ski racer of all time? Her willingness to repeatedly put it all on the line.

Talk about risk-reward, competitive spirit, discipline, responsibility, courage and grit. Throughout the show we discuss the tactics she's used to develop her mental toughness and physical resilience. How her training and rehabilitation evolved -- remember seeing those weighted physio ball training sessions that showed her concentration and superhuman balance? As dynamic of an athlete we've seen over the last decade, Lindsey was celebrated on major network television studios and giant publications everywhere, she grew a social media audience that surpassed her sport's viewership averages, and was an igniter for greater participation for women in sports around the world.

Her career has only just begun.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

World Champion, Olympian, and Female Athlete of the Year

Show Notes

2:30 The Thrill Of Competitive Skiing
5:05 Handling The Pressure of Individual Sports
7:20 The Mindset of Recovering From Injury
10:05 The Nuances and Growth of Alpine Skiing
15:55 Training Across All Five Disciplines
19:10 Being Forced Into Retirement Due To Injury
22:00 Separation Anxiety That Comes With Retirement
24:10 Parlaying Slope Success Into Partnerships
26:15 Balancing Media and Training
30:35 Acting and Writing
34:20 How Grit Impacts All Aspects of Life
38:50 Blocking Out Social Media Comments

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