Throughout our interview, Tony Robbins describes our path as “a lifetime of putting yourself on the line. And there’s only one way -- it’s forward.”

Tony's been dubbed by national and international publications as the #1 Life & Business Strategist, he’s a multiple-time #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, he’s an wildly successful Entrepreneur, and one the world’s greatest Philanthropists.

Tony's the founder of 8 private companies that generate close to $10B in annual sales. Each of these businesses operate under the same creed: “improving the quality of life for people around the world.”

On the philanthropic front, the Tony Robbins Foundation and Feeding America conjoin to feed children all over the world. Tony's on his way to – get this – feeding 1 billion people. He’s been at it for 37 years, and in 2017, Tony and his team fed 100 million homes.

His passion and energy will jump through the speakers. I watched his “I Am Not Your Guru” doc that premiered on Netflix last year, and thought to myself…I’ve gotta get Tony on my podcast. Luckily, he said yes.

His latest bestseller – "Unshakable" – was just release on paperback. To script the 200-page book, Tony interviewed 50 of the world’s greatest financial minds, and created a step-by-step guide on how to accelerate your path to financial freedom. And throughout our discussion, we drill down deeper on what he's dubbed, "True Wealth".

Suiting Up is a show that explores the psychology, playbook of tools, and strategies of the most influential people in sports, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, & Strategist

Show Notes

4:20 A Lifetime of Putting Yourself On The Line
9:15 Finding Curiosity
12:00 Disciplining Your Disappointment
16:20 True Wealth
22:50 Finding Longevity
29:35 Why The Best Compete With Themselves
36:25 Why Is Meditation So Important?

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