Tony Hawk’s one of the most famous people in the world. You might know of him from hitting the 900 on a half pipe during the X-Games, maybe you’ve played his videogame that’s generated over $1.5 billion in global sales, or watched his multi-lingually produced episode of The Simpsons. You might’ve heard of the guy who skated inside the White House, or visited one of his 1,000 skateparks around the world. Perhaps you’ve purchased one of his Birdhouse skateboards, or used the same version in emoji format from your apple or android keyboard. Over his career, Tony has changed and elevated an entire industry.

When I first began playing pro lacrosse, I wanted to have an impact like Tony — both as an athlete and entrepreneur. On the show, he shares moments from his journey — the hard work, failures, emotional setbacks, and high flying successes.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Skater, Prodigy, and Game-changer

Show Notes

2:45 Performing Well As He Ages
5:05 Learning to Celebrate Accomplishments
7:50 Where His Competitive Fire Comes From
10:45 Being The Face of Skate
16:10 Making a Living After The Downfall of Skate
19:20 Getting Involved in The X Games
21:40 Working on The 900
31:00 Balancing Work and Life After Launching Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
34:00 The Growth Of Skate After THPS
36:50 Starring on The Simpsons
42:30 The Skatepark Project
45:45 His Daily Goals

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