He's the Chairman of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group with 30 years of history having run both independent and major film companies, as well as television studios. With billions of dollars to his name in box office hits, Tom's financed and produced the likes of Titanic, Avatar, Jumanji, Spider-man, Life of Pi, Castaway, There's Something About Mary, Lincoln, Henry V, Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood, and many, many more. On the show he references Leonardo DiCaprio as the Michael Jordan of acting and Meryl Streep as the most intellectual and emotionally intelligent person he's ever come across. That's saying a lot, given he's worked on community-based projects with the last 4 US Presidents and continues to correspond with subsidiaries of Sony Pictures across 40 countries.

He's done it all.

The theatrical business has changed over the last 5 decades. From the emergence of VHS to Blockbuster, on-demand to streaming platforms, Tom's navigated the 5 major media-conglomerates to continued success. There's never been a more exciting time and evolving environment in media than today...and we talk all about it on the show.

What makes this one of my favorite interviews? Perhaps to no surprise, Tom's an incredible storyteller. Having grown up in Baltimore playing lacrosse then continuing his amateur career at Brown University, Tom still keeps a lacrosse stick in his office today. For athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs alike, we bob and weave from sports metaphors to major business decisions, making this a conversation worth sharing.

Tom Rothman

Tom Rothman

Film Executive, Philanthropist, and College Lacrosse Player

Show Notes

3:00 Keeping Active In Lacrosse
5:30 Harnessing Creativity and Other Lessons From Lacrosse
12:20 The Difference Between Popularity in Film and Sports
17:45 Shared Qualities Of Film Stars
25:40 The Difference Between Running an Independent Film Company vs. a Major Studio
37:20 The Future Of Movie Theaters
46:45 Being Fiscally Prudent to be Creatively Reckless
53:00 The Lessons Learned From Titanic

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