Athletes are crossover stars in business, fashion, media, news, you name it.

The business of sports has changed. Athletes have more leverage than ever, ownership groups and labor lawyers are restructuring their Collective Bargaining Agreements, brands are paying more in endorsement dollars, and media spends are being governed by social media influence.

In Episode 12, I sit down with the head of Bloomberg Sports Business to discuss the overarching landscape. Bloomberg Media is the largest global business news platform, powered by 2,700 journalists and analysts across 120 countries. Scott Soshnick has written major breaking and news headlines for over 120 publications, and we discuss some of his favorites on the show.

Scott Soshnick

Scott Soshnick

Bloomberg Sports Business Reporter

Show Notes

3:55 Buzzwords and clickbait
9:10 How Scott found his passion
11:30 Favorite moments as a journalist
14:25 Technology in journalism
18:30 Breaking news
22:35 Managing workload
25:55 Athlete investors vs Athlete rockstars
35:00 Sports on TV
38:20 Distribution of media through networks
41:15 How to grow lacrosse
44:00 Value of player conent
52:20 Will the product of games ever change?
55:10 NFL's weakspots and what's next
65:10 Lacrosse in the Olympics