Have a passion for the business, have a great management team, and then search for real opportunity.

Scott O'Neil is the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment (HBSE), a group that manages the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and English Premier League's Crystal Palace. Their ongoing vision is to focus on acquiring sports franchises, sports venues, and sports and entertainment properties.

Scott and I talk about the state of the teams in his current portfolio, then dive deep into the operational team at HBSE, the culture they've built, and the sales metrics (or what he calls "touches") they study to improve things like season ticket sales, digital impressions, and sponsorship opportunities.

I asked Scott two questions that I'm constantly working through, as well as observing others' management techniques. First, what does he look for in a qualified candidate, and second, how he balances oversight of multiple properties, strategy, and interpersonal relationships at the office. What he discloses is fascinating (hint: he's big into mindfulness and gratitude).

Scott O'Neil

Scott O'Neil

CEO, PHL 76ers, NJ Devils & Crystal Palace F.C.

Show Notes

2:20 What Makes The 76ers A Free Agency Destination
4:45 Defining Scott's Role
8:00 What Scott Looks For In An Employee
11:30 Changing Education
12:45 Scott's Routine
17:15 Practicing Empathy
19:45 Achieving A Work Life Balance
22:50 Building Out A Dynamic Sales Organization
27:05 Building Out KPI's And A Team First Mentality In A Sales Org
36:25 Capitalizing On Marketing Phenomenons
40:40 Learning From Our Mistakes
44:10 Bringing In New Partners
49:20 Maintaining And Managing Communication With Your Partners
52:55 Self Improvement Habits
58:35 Social Issues Vs. Brand

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