On today’s episode, I sit down with one of the most thoughtful, engaging, intelligent, and emotionally aware people that I know.

Scott Galloway’s the head professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business. He’s also a 9-time entrepreneur, 2-time best-selling author, public speaker, and Suiting Up Podcast repeat guest.

On the show we dissect Scott's latest bestseller, the Algebra of Happiness. And if I were you, I’d consider taking out a notepad. We discuss important items like:

- Choosing your career – not necessarily following your passion
- Being agile – first to move
- Aggregating economic success
- Tactics on building wealth
- Tracking personal relevance
- Cutting out the bad stuff
- Picking the right partner
- Defining true love
- Much more

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Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway

Professor, Entrepreneur, and the Algebra of Happiness

Show Notes

4:45 Getting Into Podcasting And The Science Behind It
8:30 The Algebra of Happiness
12:00 Build Your Genius
16:00 The Goal of Economic Security
19:30 The Relationship Between Money and Happiness
22:45 Importance of Surrounding Yourself With Those Better
27:00 Happiness With a Partner
33:40 Divorce
38:00 The Importance Of Sweat + Drinking Less
44:25 Being Resilient Through Failure
52:05 Positive Empathy and Affection
56:55 Making Sure Criticisms Are Actionable
59:45 Dealing With Criticisms As An Athlete

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