Storytelling is at the core of human connection

I’ve been working closely with Samir Chaudry and Colin Rosenblum for the better part of the last 5 years. Together, we created my youtube channel, worked through internal company marketing campaigns, ideated on new projects, and consulted on a number of others. They’re writers, directors, producers, onscreen talent, and entrepreneurs. I’m lucky to have met two guys with vast ingenuity, creativity, and work ethic.

On the first half of the episode, we talk about their respective backgrounds in sports, growing up on opposite coasts, and how filmmaking unexpectedly connected them. In the back half of the show, we delve into content development, advice for creators, which platforms you should be targeting, and why audience definition is the most important piece.

In today's world, your ability to sell a person, company, product or service relies on your ability to sell. To sell, you need to market. To share. To tell. This requires a strategy, or in some cases a personality, a voice, a camera, a microphone, a pen, or a keyboard.

Samir Chaudry & Colin Rosenblum

Samir Chaudry & Colin Rosenblum

How to Create Media

Show Notes

4:10 Origin story
20:30 The Lacrosse Network
30:00 How Colin and Samir met
41:30 Storytelling
45:00 Tips for creating media
59:10 Steps behind creating content