Complex is a media platform and an online community that publishes the best, most diverse and most relevant voices in pop culture. It was co-founded by Rich Antoniello and Marc Ecko in 2002.

Complex Networks’ stable of brands, now owned 50/50 by Verizon and Hearst, generate over 810 million videos views a month and have a combined social following of more than 194 million users.

Their millennial-driven authentic voice strives to defy the stale conversations of the past, and shift the world’s attention to the movements within convergence culture. They were born in American Pop Culture – a business built on telling the stories of subcultures and communities, and have now reshaped who the faces of mainstream are.

On the show, Rich Antoniello and I discuss media trends, how to build an online community, how to monetize your network, some of the darkest challenges facing an entrepreneur, where the long-tail opportunity in sports is, the sneakerhead boom during the launch of the Air Jordan’s, and why he thinks Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete of all-time.

Suiting Up is a show that explores the psychology, playbook of tools, and strategies of the most influential people in sports, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Rich Antoniello

Rich Antoniello

Show Notes

2:30 Rich's Origin Story
7:45 Being Named CEO At Complex
10:20 Equity Incentives
13:00 Growing His EQ in Brooklyn
17:00 Going Exclusively Digital Mid-Recession
19:50 Living In "Fringe" Tenants
21:40 Being Pre-Active
23:20 Building A Cultural Super Bowl
28:50 Creating Win-Win Situations
31:20 Making a Magazine Profitable
34:30 Winning Across Social
38:05 Quality Over Cadence
44:15 Authenticity
46:15 Real Vs. Fake Entrepreneurs
54:40 The Importance of When
58:00 Finding The Reason Behind Everything
59:30 The Evolution Of The Entrepreneur
62:45 His All-Time Favorite Players by Sport

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