Randy Hetrick grew up with a caring mother and militaristic father. After college, he entered the Navy and joined SEAL Team One, where he had a 14-year career, ending as a Lieutenant. On a Southeast Asia mission, Randy took his old Jiu-jitsu belt, anchored to a backdrop, and started what we now refer to as "suspension training".

After his time as a SEAL, he applied and got into the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he learned how to start a company, raise money, and grow. While he was a graduate student, he taught himself how to sew, and shortly after graduating, incorporated TRX Systems.

Today, TRX is in over 25,000 gyms worldwide, and is used by all professional sports leagues and teams.

Randy's a dear friend of mine. We went the distance on starting a company, managing people, dealing with failure, acknowledging "gaps", and leaning into the "gots."

Randy Hetrick

Randy Hetrick

Navy SEAL & Founder of TRX

Show Notes

2:55 Home environment
6:55 Joining the Navy & humility
14:00 Advice for coaches
17:45 Resistance training
24:20 Investing in business school
28:15 Rise of functional training
36:00 Mobilization
40:00 Stability
46:30 Advice for maintaining success
53:40 Randy's resources