If you work hard, and you continue to fight through, and you continue to push, that there's something waiting for you in the end that's really big...that you can't even imagine.

Randy Foy jumpstarted the Villanova Wildcats dynasty run we've seen these last handful of years. He was Jay Wright's first Big East Player of the Year, and his first NBA lottery pick. Today, still an active NBA player, Randy's a mentor for many of the current Villanova players, and remains closely tied with Coach Wright.

Our conversation, however, goes far deeper than the chronicles of Villanova men's basketball.

Randy Foye lets us in on the origins of his life. He grew up in Newark New Jersey, without his parents, and a debilitating biological disorder. His perspective, strength, perseverance, and love jump through the audio file, articulately and authentically. Very few of us -- if any -- have experienced even a fraction of what Randy has in his short 34 years thus far. But we can all be better off in modeling his work ethic, leadership, and fatherhood skills.

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Randy Foye

Randy Foye

Show Notes

1:30 How Randy Evaluates People
4:50 Evolving Through A Modern Family Dynamic
8:40 Growing Up With Situs Inversus
13:05 How Basketball Saved Randy's Life
16:05 Finding Basketball
19:25 Staying On The Right Track
23:15 The Recruiting Process
29:50 Going From Newark to Villanova
35:00 Why He Continues To Be Involved with Villanova
41:40 Me vs. We
46:20 Building Comradery In The Pros
49:15 Why It's Tough To Be A Leader
51:30 Dealing With Injuries
57:30 Staying Positive Through Injuries
62:05 Acclimating to New Teams
65:25 Determining Retirement Age
70:10 Finding Out About His Mother
80:50 Randy's Mantra

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