Welcome to an all-new season of Suiting Up Podcast. I'm your host – professional athlete and co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League – Paul Rabil.

Today's episode features director, producer, and Hollywood filmmaker, Peter Berg. Known for his major feature films Lone Survivor, Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom, Hancock, Patriots Day, and Mile 22, Peter's also produced major TV series and Super Bowl commercials.

Peter's biggest passion away from film is boxing -- so much that he hosted me at his boxing club, Churchill Boxing, in Santa Monica for the interview.

Range of topics include:
Overcoming fear
Tactics in meditation
Achieving 10% improvement
Discovering your flow state
Best practices in management
Hiring strategies
Neuroscience benefits of helping others
Power of storytelling
Impact of new tech on film and culture

With over 70 shows in our first 2 years of recording Suiting Up, we've interviewed guests like Jim Brown, Bill Belichick, Venus Williams, Drew Brees, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins – and every time, we learn a new skill, pickup an idea, or hear an unexpected backstory about how that person wielded greatness from their career.

Peter Berg

Peter Berg

Director & Filmmaker

Show Notes

2:20 Why Peter Loves Boxing
5:00 How The "Fear" In Boxing Helps Us To Grow
10:10 The 10% Rule For Growth
17:50 Why Peter Was Forced To Train Himself In Psychology
23:50 Peter's Preferred Meditation
26:30 Peter's Notorious Workout Routine
29:30 Taking a More Empathic Approach to Directing
34:10 Peter's Tips for Hiring
38:55 How Peter Focuses His Vision
41:40 Dealing With Fear of Failure
45:45 Why Peter Felt The Need to Venture Beyond Film
50:10 The Value in Fully Immersing Yourself
53:55 How Technology Has Impacted Filmmaking
59:20 The Intersection Of Sport and Show-business
61:25 Achieving a Flow State Through Applying The 10% Rule

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