It's about not giving a damn, and this is who I am...a mom...a wrestler. And if I don't brush my teeth, so be it.

Nikki and Brie Bella are the next Kardashian’s. They're professional wrestlers in the WWE, massive social media influencers, women’s inclusion and health activists, and co-founders of Birdee Bee, a women's health clothing line. From a stat-staggering standpoint, the Bella's represent the largest aggregate social media following of any female athlete or sister duo in professional sports. Throughout the show, I look to unpack how they’ve built their audience, what platforms they’re investing in, how they curate differently on each, and how Total Divas and Total Bella's on E! Network has impacted their career.

When their first WWE tryout didn’t meet their expectations (they weren't given the chance to wrestle), as former college soccer standouts, they plead to executives to give them a chance in the ring. They earned that contract and since their entrance into the WWE, the women’s division has blossomed, with main events at PPV’s, and its own Women's Championship Division.

The Bella Twins are gearing up for Season 6 of Total Divas and Season 2 of their second reality TV show on E!, Total Bella's – which premiers on September 6th.

Nikki and Brie Bella

Nikki and Brie Bella

WWE Wrestlers and Reality TV Stars

Show Notes

6:25 Bella Army
9:50 Social platform strategies
14:00 Juggling messaging across platforms
19:25 Becoming comfortable on video
23:30 The process of cutting a promo
28:20 YouTube vs. Reality TV
33:30 Becoming women wrestlers
42:30 Maintaining mindfulness
42:30 Becoming women wrestlers
46:00 Birdiebee