The first thing I learned from my mom, and applied it to lacrosse…was passion. And I think passion is what leads to happiness.

Lyle Thompson is the all-time leading point scorer in NCAA Division 1 lacrosse history, a Tewaaraton trophy winner (our sport’s Heisman award), a pro lacrosse MVP, and NLL Champion. His legacy of success on the field will live on for generations to come.

He grew up in the Onondaga Nation in New York, and was one of five children of Doloris and Jerome Thompson. Today, he and his brothers represent some of the best talent in the professional game, competing in both MLL and NLL, building large digital and social media audiences, and are bringing powerful, cultural awareness of their Native American roots to our sport.

Lyle began playing lacrosse at a very early age, and on the show, we discuss how lacrosse carries spiritual and cultural experiences with the Onondaga and Native American communities. He recounts his early years playing in the backyard with his older brothers, accompanied by no net. The Thompson's couldn't afford one. All of Lyle's equipment was refurbished, yet he was the #1 High School recruit in the country...as a sophomore.

On the show, Lyle shares with us his favorite workouts, how he fuels his performance, how he's changed his sleep pattern (since listening to our show, actually), and the impact of the traveling professional lacrosse circuit.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the show begins in the back third, where Lyle and I discuss his activism as a Native American professional athlete – specifically his time at the Standing Rock protests during the North Dakota Access Pipeline disputes, as well as his stance on professional sports mascots that are discriminatory the Native American communities.

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Lyle Thompson

Lyle Thompson

Lacrosse Player, Native American Activist

Show Notes

4:10 Introduction
6:30 The Culture and History Of Lacrosse
10:20 Thompson Brothers Lacrosse
11:10 Impact of His Mother - Passion
15:00 Impact of His Father - Precision
18:30 Use of Equipment
21:00 Recruiting Process
24:30 Transition From High School To College
26:40 College Career
30:00 Winning the Tewaaraton
33:10 Adapting a Training Routine
37:00 Current Workout
40:20 Nutrition
41:45 Sleep Schedule
44:45 Keys To Winning
46:30 Declined Passports and The Importance of Haudenosaunee Sovereignty
50:50 2014 World Games
52:15 Dakota Access Pipeline Medicine Game
57:40 How Can People Help Support Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
58:40 Indigenous Mascots and Names