Kelvin Beachum was born into a blue collar family in Texas. He was a studious undergrad, carrying both a graduate and master’s degree, while setting onfield records at SMU. It didn't stop there, though. Kelvin went on to deliver his collegiate commencement speech, then was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL.

Kelvin's been through as many depth chart challenges as injuries, but he kept his head down, and quickly became one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL.

Not wasting his stellar academic career, Kelvin is long on LinkedIn -- different than most athlete's choice of platform's on social media. He shares musings on portfolio companies he's been pitched to invest in, and shares his experiences from big tech conferences. Kelvin's a limited partner with Next Play Capital, a member of One Team Collective, and has a running list of charitable endeavors that include Bread for the World, World Vision, Feeding America, and STEM.

Kelvin Beachum

Kelvin Beachum

NFL Tackle and Investor

Show Notes

2:20 Kelvin's Morning Routine
3:45 Wearable Tech Investments
5:50 Kelvin's Sleep Schedule
10:30 Family Influence On His Career
13:20 Defining Success
16:20 How Kelvin Earned His Masters
22:15 Breaking Down Stereotypes
29:20 Social Bubbles
33:20 Having a Backup Plan
36:55 Fuel for Improvement
47:10 Connecting With People At The Right Time
53:15 Balancing Relationships And Work
59:15 Thoughts on The "At All Cost" Mentality
62:10 Why Kelvin Is Involved In The One Team Collective
64:40 Kelvin's Investing Thesis
70:45 How Kelvin Evaluates People
73:30 Delegating Responsibility Amongst His Team
75:10 Managing His Calendar
78:45 Advice To Athletes Looking To Get Involved In Investments

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