Successful people are really stubborn. They won’t take no for an answer. They keep going, and going, and going

Want to know the science -- check that, odds -- around Ben Roethlisberger's pass that landed in the hands of Santonio Holmes with only seconds left in Super Bowl XLIII? How about the torque and bend that occurs after Alex Ovechkin hits a slap shot? Sports Science will tell you why after making contact with the ball, Giancarlo Stanton’s follow through doesn’t actually matter. I always wanted to know what it felt like to get tackled by Ray Lewis. Sports Science has it covered.

John Brenkus is a producer, director, and television personality. He co-founded BASE productions, which specializes in creating television programming for channels such as ESPN, National Geographic, and Spike TV. He’s the creator of Sports Science, and currently hosts his own podcast, The Brink of Midnight.

Here’s more about my fascinating friend. He attended UVA and created his own major, Film Rhetoric Communication Studies, graduating with honors in 3 years. When it all began, he told his mother he wanted to do two of the hardest things he could think of: write a novel and make a movie. He did both.

He tell us that sports and science are his "two greatest passions."

John Brenkus

John Brenkus

Creator of Sports Science

Show Notes

3:30 How to operate at a high level
7:40 Breaking down process
12:15 Explaining Relevant data
17:15 Creating a sellable product and turnaround time
25:40 Unexpected results
28:10 Comparing sports data
35:20 Competitive drive
41:50 Addressing new media
44:40 Emotional Intelligence