Jim Scherr was a decade-long Olympic and World Champion wrestler. After his international competition years, he decided to pursue the business of sports, becoming the Executive Director of USA Wrestling, then worked his way into becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). As such, Jim oversaw, operated, and led the performance of all USA Olympic sports for a 10-year span.

Enter lacrosse.

Today, Jim's the CEO of the Federation of International Lacrosse -- the governing body that oversees 58 internationally sanctioned countries who compete for prominence in global lacrosse competitions.

And at this moment, Jim's job is mainly focused on getting lacrosse back into the Olympics.

Today's episode was recorded live at this year's US Lacrosse Convention. My good friend and business leader at Inside Lacrosse, Terry Foy, set the conversation up in front of packed house at their company's annual Industry Summit (thank you, Terry).

Jim and I discuss his athletic chops as an Olympic wrestler, the commonalities between sport and business, his learnings at the helm of the USOC, and predictions for lacrosse.

It's May Madness in the lacrosse world.

Enjoy my first ever live-recording of Suiting Up Podcast, with Jim Scherr.

Jim Scherr

Jim Scherr

Olympic Wrestler now CEO, Federation of International Lacrosse

Show Notes

1:55 Why Wrestling?
4:00 What Jim Learned From Wrestling
10:20 How Jim Supplemented His Income While Being An Olympic Wrestler
14:25 Increasing The Frequency Of International Games
17:35 Becoming The Executive Director of USA Wrestling
21:55 The Importance of Online Content
27:55 What Does The IOC Actually Do?
34:15 Why Isn't Lacrosse Recognized By The IOC?
41:30 What Lacrosse Needs To Do To Earn Recognition
47:50 When We'll Hear Back From The IOC
50:25 Will Lacrosse Change?
54:40 Embracing New Media
60:30 Where International Growth Of The Game Should Take Place
62:00 What Can The Average Fan Do To Help Get Lacrosse In The Olympics

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