I remember seeing all the Olympic athletes, standing in the corner as a Paralympic swimmer and thinking, 'one day, these athletes are going to know who I am'.

Jessica Long is a global icon. She's a 23-time medalist, the holder of 14 world records, has won 2 ESPY awards, is soon-to-be bestselling author, and was recently named to Forbes' prestigious 30 under 30 list.

I walked away from our conversation amazed by Jessica's resilience, determination, and courage. Her origin story began in Russia, where she was put up for adoption at an early age. Her American parents were her caretakers through her over 25 surgeries during her adolescent years. Then she found swimming.

She's the ultimate competitor, wrapped in compassion and empathy.

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Jessica Long

Jessica Long

Show Notes

2:55 Jessica's Origin Story
12:20 How We Can Grow The Paralympics
13:40 Jessica's First Paralympic Story
16:35 What Makes Jessica a Successful Swimmer
19:00 Her Experience Training With Olympic Athletes
21:45 Jessica's Daily Routine
27:35 Finding Enjoyment in Competing
30:20 Reuniting With Her Biological Parents
40:45 The Process Behind Writing "Unsinkable"
41:40 Her Competitive Level
42:45 Capitalizing on Her Momentum
44:50 Why She Enjoys Therapy So Much
46:40 Advice For People Struggling With Motivation

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