I want to be real. I want to be authentic. I don't want to endorse something that I don't do myself.

Many know our next guest from turning around the NBA's 2012 New York Knicks Season. Growing up in Palo Alto, he was the Northern California HS Basketball Player of the Year, graduated as a four-year starter from Harvard, and went undrafted in the NBA. Now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Jeremy Lin, is the NBA's first player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

Lin's social media audience amasses over 20 million followers, he's an investor in several startups, has a participatory stake in esports, and runs the Jeremy Lin Foundation, which loves and serves children, by providing hope, empowerment and leadership development.

In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about how he prepares for games in the most traveled pro sports league on the planet, why he does business with family, as well as the media and endorsement frenzy that ensued from Linsanity. He sold more jerseys and appeared on more consecutive Sports Illustrated covers than any other NBA player not named Michael Jordan. Even the Global Language Monitor declared 'Linsanity' had met it’s criteria to be considered an English-language word.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

NBA Guard and Philanthropist

Show Notes

3:35 Early life
5:55 Racial barriers
7:15 Developing skill for the next level
11:40 Spiritual relationships
14:50 Balancing time as an athlete
17:50 Nutrition and longevity in the NBA
24:50 Taking on the role of CEO and staying authentic
32:40 Psychology on the court
35:30 Creating your own media
40:10 Investing in the right companies
48:05 The Jeremy Lin Foundation
52:15 Lowering socioeconomic barriers and building culture