It was the worst decision I made, but the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Jason Williams is a former basketball player for the Duke University Blue Devils and Chicago Bulls. After tragically crashing his motorcycle, effectively ending his playing career, Williams transformed his life and is positioned to positively impact sports, business, and social issues more than ever.

While at Duke, Williams was a two-time college basketball Player of the Year, National Champion, and three-year graduate. Moreover, on senior day of his graduating junior year, Duke University retired his jersey.

After being drafted to the Chicago Bulls with the second overall pick, things went downhill. Williams was in a devastating motorcycle accident, which led to him spending the next year on a hospital bed. Shortly thereafter, he began his battle with depression, which was compounded by the loss of his grandmother, dog, and a health scare from his mother - Jay's caretaker at the time. Cumulatively, this kicked Williams into an upswing, taking care of those who looked after him, getting his life back on track, and striving for greatness.

Jay Williams

Jay Williams

NBA, ESPN Analyst and Entrepreneur

Show Notes

4:00 NCAA athlete compensation
11:15 Amateurism
19:30 Origin story
24:30 Speaking loosely
29:00 Sports specialization & multi-sport athletes
32:40 Committing to Duke
43:30 How to lead a team
50:50 Rememberable comeback moments
59:50 Adjusting
70:45 Post Recovery
77:20 Empathy