Let no one outwork you today.

When he was 9, he set a goal for himself to play in the NFL. He hung up a sign in his room that read, “let no one outwork you today." After 9 successful seasons in the NFL, Isaiah Kacyvenski entered into his second career, entrepreneurship.

Isaiah earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and is now the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Sports Innovation Lab. Previously, he was one of the first employees to join early stage startup, Mc10 Inc., a cutting-edge conformal electronics company, as their Global Head of Business Development. He’s an investor in, and advisor to, several companies in technology, sports, biotech, consumer, media and sports medicine.

"Working hard, and aligning that work ethic with your passion is an unbelievable thing." Isaiah grew up in poverty. He struggled to find his identity, especially with a volatile parental upbringing. During some of his teen years, he was homeless. An incredible success story, Isaiah’s both a fascinating and inspiring individual.

Isaiah Kacyvenski

Isaiah Kacyvenski

NFL LB and HBS Graduate

Show Notes

5:10 Growing up in poverty
9:45 Action speaks louder than words
13:30 Parsing out your workload
17:40 Transitioning from the hardest to the smartest worker
21:50 Positioning yourself for success
26:00 Empathy and EQ in sports
28:30 Characteristics for investments
35:55 Balancing workload
39:35 Homescreen apps
41:00 Mc10 and analytics
51:30 Pursuing your passion
54:25 Rapidfire questions

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