I knew what we were fighting for was way bigger than us...and transcended our sport.

Hilary Knight is the top women's hockey player on the planet. She's a multiple-time Olympian, 7-time gold medal winner of the Ice Hockey World Championships, all-time career point scorer and 2-time National Champion at Wisconsin. She has sponsorship deals with Nike, Red Bull, Visa, GoPro, and more. She's even practiced with the NHL's Anaheim Ducks, telling us "cracking a roster spot is next on the list."

As impressive as she is on the ice, she's also highly marketable. However, her most impressive quality is her cumulating approach to impacting women's sports and giving back to the next generation of female athletes.

In 2016, Knight and her teammates protested USA Hockey, demanding an equal compensation, accommodation, and marketing allocation to their male counterparts. They threatened to hold out of the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championships and the subsequent Olympic Games if they weren't treated equitably. Find out what happened next on this week's episode.

Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight

Team USA Hockey Player & Activist

Show Notes

4:00 Transition from college to pro
8:00 Communicating with your audience
10:30 Discovering hockey and becoming the best
17:15 Olympics
22:30 Fair wages and equality
32:00 Competition and winning
40:00 Daily routine