In fundraising, you have to be really confident in what you're doing to ask someone for money.

One of the best goal scorers of the modern era, this 6'5 250 pound attackman has played professionally in Colorado, Maryland, Philadelphia, and New York. He won a Gold Medal at the 2010 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships, and co-founded Hex Performance, a athleisure detergent designed for the active person.

As a pro lacrosse player and entrepreneur, Drew Westervelt spends close to half of his time in transit; from playing in games, to raising money for his business, testing product, and meeting with retailers. In between, Drew discovered that traditional detergent was no longer effective for cleaning our synthetic workout fabrics - so he found a solution.

I love the ingenuity of athletes that crossover into business. They attack a concept much like they would their physical training or opposition's defensive schemes. Drew gives us an inside look at the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, and which acquired skillsets in sports have aided his entrepreneurial spirit.

Drew Westervelt

Drew Westervelt

Professional Lacrosse Attackman and Entrepreneur

Show Notes

4:15 Learning differences
7:40 Note taking
9:40 Athletics and academics
11:30 Lacrosse career
16:20 Transitioning to pro lacrosse
22:00 Staying dynamic as an athlete
25:25 Story behind Hex Performance
35:25 Raising captital
42:00 Marketing and educating your audience
52:10 Selling products online
55:15 Self education and mindfulness
58:45 Favorite travel destinations