Make sure you have the right teammates and trust them to do their job.

In 2009, DeMaurice Smith was unanimously elected as the NFL Players’ Associations Executive Director. Since then, he’s structured a new league CBA, created a $160M annual marketing division, co-founded ACE Media, and engineered the first athlete-driven accelerator, One Team Collective.

Smith is empowering the modern day athlete and entrepreneur through education, new platforms, and better working conditions. Throughout our conversation, Smith dives deeps into the transactional trenches of negotiations with Roger Goodell, but it’s his advice on mentorship and transformational teaching that’s most impressive.

Demaurice Smith

Demaurice Smith

NFLPA Executive Director and Players' Inc. President

Show Notes

4:05 NFLPA Strikes
5:45 How the NFLPA helps create duality for the modern athlete
9:10 Transitioning into Executive Director
13:40 Showing weakness
17:40 Organizational Structure
20:50 Blocking off time to maintain your mindset
22:20 Smith's typical day
26:10 Player safety and the Collective Bargaining Agreement
34:40 Group licensing
45:35 Individual player brands
53:15 Ace Media and One Team Collective
65:30 Mentors
68:00 Appreciating talent
76:20 Collecting individual player data
79:35 NFL Combine
83:45 Books for inspiration