I operated under this belief that there was no such thing as a nice defenseman.

A Princeton University grad, Dave Morrow was a National Champion, two-time defensive player of the year, two-time Team USA player, and two-time world champion.

As decorated of an on-field resume as his, Morrow's greatest impact on the sport has been what he's created off of it. He built Warrior Sports -- now the largest sporting goods manufacturer in lacrosse -- from his dorm room his junior year in college.

To fund the company, Morrow raised a seed investment from his father and college roommate, and immediately used it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in year one. His biggest challenge? He was a starting defender for the USA national team, playing in overtime of the world championship game, trying to defend the best player in the world (Gary Gait), with a gold medal on the line, and the future of his business -- Warrior was the team sponsor.

On the show, we talk about what it's like to be a young entrepreneur drinking from the firehose, facing fear, taking on exorbitant risk, finding solutions, and executing.

In 2004, New Balance acquired Warrior for an undisclosed amount. Morrow continues to operate as the company's CEO, building the hockey and soccer business, and continuing to innovate with new products and intellectual property.

Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow

Founder/CEO Warrior Sports

Show Notes

2:40 Dave's Upbringing
5:15 Developing Skill
11:00 Closing The Lacrosse IQ Gap
15:20 Introducing the Titanium Lacrosse Shaft
25:45 Building Warrior Lacrosse
29:30 Sponsoring Team USA
34:15 The Story Behind The 1998 Final
36:50 Starting Major League Lacrosse
38:50 Facing Fear
47:00 Pitching Cristiano Ronaldo
54:20 The Story Behind The Warp
64:30 Dave's Final Four Predictions