Dave Meltzer is an entrepreneur, author, humanitarian, and current CEO of Sports 1
Marketing, a global marketing agency. On this episode, we sat down and discussed his approach to business, how he bounced back from bankruptcy, and the strategies he developed to reinvent his success.

Meltzer's current projects:

1. The Super Bowl
2. The Master’s
3. Pro Football Hall of Fame
4. The Unstoppable Foundation

Meltzer was 2016's Variety Magazine’s “Sports Humanitarian of the Year”, he's a two-time #1 best-selling author (Connected To Goodness and Compassionate Capitalism), and has been recognized as a Top Keynote Speaker by Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Most recently, Meltzer took on a producing role, is a judge, and host of Entrepreneur's original show, and #1 Digital Business show, Elevator Pitch. Since launching, they've scored over 20.8 million views.

Finally Meltzer is the host of the Top 5 business podcast on iTunes, The Playbook.

Dave Meltzer:

Dave Meltzer:

Entrepreneur, Author, Humanitarian

Show Notes

4:10 David's Motivation
7:30 Why 3 Mentors?
9:00 Time and Happiness
14:05 The Importance Of Applying Real Numbers To Your Goals
15:40 How David Became Involved In The Early Stage Internet
18:50 The Importance Of Building Skills Outside Of Your Core Focus
21:40 The Path To And From Bankruptcy
29:10 The "Must Haves" For Entrepreneurs
32:35 Compassionate Capitalism
36:20 The Necessary Skill Sets At Different Stages
42:10 Mandating Charitable Donations
45:05 Knowing When To Say No
49:00 Be A Student Of Your Calendar

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