The reason why there are so few professional athletes, is they're people who can endure so much pain.

Founded back in 1858 in Melbourne Australia, today there are roughly 2 million active participants playing "Footy", with sold out stadiums hosting the professional leagues, and millions of viewers worldwide. Dane Swan is one of the greatest Australian Rules Footballers in the modern era, and on the show we talk about his rise to the top, training, producing, responding to injury, and elongating your career.

In the early stages of his career, Dane said, “we eat, we drink, we party hard – we're pigs.” Of course, the fans and picked up on this, commercialized it, and the lads were dubbed "the rat pack".

Toward the back half of his career, he's become more focused and entrepreneurial, writing a book about his journey, starting an event business in the US called the Dane Swan Tour, created a clothing line called Ratbagg, owns a bar and tattoo shop, and makes regular TV appearances and speaking engagements.

Dane Swan

Dane Swan

Australian Football Star & Entrepreneur

Show Notes

1:15 What is the Ratbagg
5:30 Enjoying yourself as an athlete
11:20 Changes for success
18:00 Nervousness of not knowing
19:55 Parents' impact on athletes as a child
26:00 Training for football
29:50 Changing positions
33:50 Tips for defenders
41:00 Injury culture
52:00 Managing time as an entrepreneur
55:00 Advice for chasing dreams