I used to beg my Mom and Dad to subscribe to ESPN. This was in the early 90's when the premium cable show reached only 1.5M homes (compared to now where they’re in 90M+). At the time, there was this new show dedicated to sports headlines and highlights called SportsCenter – with lead anchor, Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick was to ESPN what Howard Stern is to Sirius XM – helping grow the reach of ESPN into millions of homes. However, before landing the gig, he was on the road as a Disc Jockey doing radio station top and bottom-of-the hour score callouts, while sending in his self-made highlight tapes to industry executives hoping to get an interview.

After a decade and a half at ESPN, Dan left what was familiar, to begin something far more risky and new. And over the course of the next 18 months self-funding project buildout, staffing, and ops, The Dan Patrick Show became the most successful sports talk radio show on the planet. Today, Dan can be spotted calling the Super Bowl, World Series, and more as a lead host for NBC, and if you don't get enough of DP there, you can tune in to his daily sports show either through AM/FM, podcasts, or DirectTV.

His journey’s been incredible – and it's only just started. In 2017, Dan decided to take what he's learned, package it up with Full Sail University, and offer the first ever Bachelors Degree in SportsCasting.

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Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

Sports TV and Radio Legend

Show Notes

2:00 Dan's Origin Story
5:55 Why Sports Media?
7:25 The Start and End of His Career at CNN
14:15 Getting a Career In Sports Media
19:00 The Difference Between Radio and TV
21:45 The SportsCenter Schedule
25:15 Being His Own Agent
28:50 Developing Thick Skin
35:20 Starting The Dan Patrick Show
40:15 Opening Up The Curtain
43:40 DIRECTV's Acquisition of The Dan Patrick Show
47:25 Challenging Jordan and Dan Majerle
52:55 The Dan Patrick School of Broadcasting
58:10 Gaining More Out of Failure