On October 22, 2018 my brother Mike and I announced the arrival of the Premier Lacrosse League. Bloomberg broke the story across digital, print, TV and radio. Additional stories followed on NBC, Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, the NYSE, Bleacher Report, Uninterrupted, The Players' Tribune, Inside Lacrosse, Lacrosse Magazine, The Lacrosse Network, and more. We flipped the lights on at PremierLacrosseLeague.com and launched our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

We were live.

And that week, we pressed record and shared the news on this podcast with all of you.

This week, I'll continue to share more about the making of the PLL -- specifically the why and how. And interestingly enough, the timing of construction was on the same timeline of the launch of this podcast. The major difference? This show was public, and the PLL was not.

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Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil

Founder, PLL

Show Notes

2:30 A Thank You To Matt Hevia
4:40 Other Media Projects
6:40 Ryan Holiday
10:50 The Start of Paul's Lacrosse Career
14:00 Growing Into The Sport
20:30 The Championship Game in Boston
23:50 The Struggles That Came With Turning Pro
25:20 Going Pro Full Time
27:00 Why The Timing Is Right For a New League

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