Winning requires your spirit, mind, body and attitude.

Chile's Francisco "Coco" Zurita is a world-class action sports athlete. Recalling a scene from the 2017 X-Games, Coco is remembered on the vert ramp for a number of reasons: his bike is set up like a modern street rider's machine -- no brakes -- and he blasts some of the highest airs of the entire field while riding the halfpipe like a flowing set of trails. His bike control results in airs that are so stylish, he doesn't need to do tricks to capture attention. Coco told me he wins when he's having fun, saying “often the guys that smile are the ones who win.”

Zurita's one of the most talented riders on tour, maintaining this high performance for over a decade. He's 32 and focuses on his training and nutrition, where his focus lies on plyometric workouts and periodical juicing diets. Through different improvement vehicles, Coco's won the BMX world championship, became the first rider in the world to land a triple tail-ship, has competed in more than 11 X-Games, and won Rider of the Year at the Dew Tour Series.

What I love about Coco is his introspection. His personal and professional growth are dedicated to embracing the uncomfortable. He calls it change – telling me that most people hate change, yet the only thing constant in life is change.

Finally, if you’re like me and have always dreamed of adopting and speaking another language, Zurita will tell you how. His native speaking language is Spanish, but he became fluent in English in a short 9-month window.

Coco Zurita

Coco Zurita

X-Games Medalist and Philanthropist

Show Notes

3:30 Discovering BMX
5:40 Travel schedule
7:30 Creating content as an athlete
10:00 Adapting to new skills
14:00 Homescreen apps and social media
18:20 Working with sponsors and competition
23:30 Promoting the sport
28:50 Balancing day-to-day life
31:05 Training for action sports
35:55 Reaching your audience
38:40 Mentors and inspiration
40:00 Embracing change
43:20 Preparing for competition

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