Christian Fuchs is a starting left back and captain for the Austria National team and Leicester City Football Club. In 2016, he helped lead the LCFC to its first ever English Premier League Title – beating out the thoroughbreds of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Manchester City. Christian and LCFC's odds of winning that year? 5,000 to 1.

Put it this way, the Cleveland Browns have a 200 to 1 chance of winning the Super Bowl this year. The #16 seed in the NCAA Basketball Tournament – which, until UMBC did it this year, has never advanced past the first round – has a 5,000 to 1 chance of winning the NCAA Championship. The aforementioned basically means zero chance. Yet, Leicester City did it.

Christian shares the stories of team, culture, and profound coaching that led to the infamous club championship.

Christian's also an entrepreneur – we talk about his youth soccer academies, his fashion company, his latest investment into esports, and his YouTube Channel.

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Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs

Leicester City & Austria Soccer Captain

Show Notes

4:00 Longevity In Soccer
10:00 How Did Leicester's Premier League Title Happen?
17:25 Carrying Momentum
20:05 Changing The Style Of Play
23:30 Closing the Season Out
26:30 Toughest Covers in the EPL
28:45 Comparing European Sport Vs. American
34:00 Christian's Youth Career
38:40 Developing Work Ethic
47:15 Teaching Skill With The Fox Soccer Academy
49:10 The Coaching Problem in the USA
52:25 Captaining Austria
54:20 The Problem with Penalties and Penalty Kicks
57:45 Christian's Entrepreneurial Spirit

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