Cameron Porter was a four-year all-everything soccer player and computer science major at Princeton. He was drafted to Major League Soccer and immediately made an impact on the pitch, scoring a dramatic final-minute goal, sending his club (Montreal) into the CONCACAF Champions League Semifinals.

Uniquely positioned as an top forward in the MLS, Cam also works for MLS's front office -- as a full-stack engineer. A true pro athlete and entrepreneur, Cam writes code and helps the fastest growing team sports league in the world buildout their digital, iOS, and Android platforms.

I decided to upload this episode to kickoff our 2018 guest list because of two reasons:

1. Cam’s incredibly thoughtful and articulate. I learned new tactics around sports psychology (like how to dig yourself out of a funk -- or poor play), as well as how a macro trend in new media is not only impacting soccer, but the rest of the field (including lacrosse).

2. Cam’s so talented, that he’s already reached a place in his career where he’s making a decision on sport versus business – or his career after the pitch. The conversation is a buildup, where he breaks unexpected news on Suiting Up.

A first for us.

Cameron Porter

Cameron Porter

Professional Soccer Player

Show Notes

3:00 Cam's Origin Story
6:00 Specialization Vs. Multi Sport Athletes
9:00 Cam's Practice Routine
12:15 Cam's Academic Approach
14:45 Cam's Princeton Experience
24:00 Success In More Competitive Environments
26:15 The Miracle in Montreal
30:15 Effective Practices When Coming Off The Bench
34:20 Pregame Rituals
37:30 Working for MLS
42:15 The American Soccer Fan
45:45 The Advantage Of Being a Single Entity League
49:50 Sporting KC's Use Of Advanced Data
52:45 Dealing With Injury and Moving Forward
60:00 Balancing Repeated Injuries with Your Career Aspirations
63:00 The Decision Making Process Surrounding Retirement
70:15 Cam's Current Routine

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