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Angela Ruggiero is one of the most decorated American Olympians of all time. She competed in four Olympics, playing defense for the women's ice hockey team. Today, she's a member of the International Olympic Committee, serving on the Executive Board as its Chairperson of the Athletes' Commission.

Angela Co-Founded and is a Managing Partner of the Sports Innovation Lab, a market research and advisory firm focused on the intersection of sports and innovation. She's the exemplary modern athlete. During the episode we discuss Olympic selection, gender disparity in sports, her decision to go to Harvard Business School, and how that's positioned her well in business. Also, find out the mobile apps on her home screen, and why she strives for 9 hours of rest and still trains regularly.

Angela Ruggiero

Angela Ruggiero

Olympic Hockey Goalie and Entrepreneur

Show Notes

2:00 Budgeting time and transitioning after a pro career
4:10 Describe yourself in 10 seconds or less
4:35 Gender disparity in sports
7:30 Decision making and approaching business like sports
10:00 Bubble hockey
11:40 How to create your calendar
14:10 Workflow apps and apps to help you prioritize
17:15 Homescreen apps
21:25 International Olypmic Committee (IOC)
23:40 Challenges of adding Olympic Sports
28:00 Season 6 of The Apprentice
30:10 Maintaining a multiple Olympic career
31:40 Carving out a livable career
33:45 Youth participation in Women's hockey
34:35 State of the Women's hockey league
37:30 Creating a platform/brand for yourself
40:30 Memoriable moments inside the Olympic Village
43:10 Important characteristics of an athlete to endure success
44:45 The importance of EQ
48:00 The importance of giving back
51:30 Rapid fire questions