Whatever you're great at, be great at that.

Andrew Hawkins was a top slot receiver for the Cleveland Browns, having just retired in 2017 while on the roster of the New England Patriots. If you don’t know who @Hawk (twitter) is, type in his name on YouTube and watch his one-on-one highlights against NFL cornerbacks. If you’re an athlete at any level, and want to emulate great dodgers or route runners, very few do it better than Hawk.

That said, his physical attributes and on-field talent are only a part of why he’s a guest on our show. More impressively, Hawk spent most of his NFL career working on his developing his business and media acumen. He received his masters from Columbia University in Sports Management, and took unpaid internships with the Detroit Lions and Uninterrupted. A grueling offseason schedule that included roundtrip flights to NYC for classes and exams (he graduated with a 4.0 gpa), gym and field workouts down in Florida, and most importantly, raising his family.

He has an incredible motor.

Today, he hosts ESPN’s SportsCenter show on Snapchat, runs his own podcast with All-Pro NFL lineman Joe Thomas, and heads business development with Mav Carter and LeBron James' media company, Uninterrupted. Hawk's long-term goal? General Managing an NFL team.

I think he’ll be an owner one day.

Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins

NFL WR and Media Aficionado

Show Notes

3:10 Footwork drills and achieving mastery
7:30 Specialization in sport
9:00 Relationship between sport and life
10:45 Advice for injuries
17:15 Characteristics for efficiency & drive
24:25 Humility and self-awareness
31:55 Dealing with the feeling of loss
37:10 Leaders
38:50 Favorite routines
41:15 Nutrition and Sleep
43:00 Transitioning to entrepreneurship
53:30 Exploring different forms of media
57:15 Future of social media
59:10 Managing time
61:10 Communication

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