Alex Banayan is the youngest author to ever sign with Penguin Random House. His book, The Third Door, was a 7-year project to uncover the how the most successful people in the world got to where they are today.

His road to The Third Door was unique, too. He funded his quest by hacking his way into a winning methodology on famous gameshow, The Price Is Right.

Alex is a critical thinker, challenger, innovator, and introspective entrepreneur. His path to authorship required him to drop out of college, self-fund his quest around the world, with an insatiable level of persistence in securing meetings and interviews of each of his subjects:

Bill Gates
Steven Spielberg
Jessica Alba
Larry King
Tim Ferriss
Maya Angelo
Steve Wozniack
...and many more

In addition to discussing the core tenets of his book, we lean into how he and the world's most successful people enhance their states of courage, confidence, humility, and vulnerability -- each are critical attributes to personal and professional success.

Suiting Up is a show that explores the psychology, playbook of tools, and strategies of the most influential people in sports, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan

Author, The Third Door

Show Notes

3:05 What's Alex's Most Gifted Book
7:30 Alex's Identity Crisis As A Freshman
10:30 Finding The Third Door
15:00 The Perfect Cold Email Template
21:15 The Danger of Over-Persistence
25:35 Finding Value In Therapy And Meditation
30:30 The Myth Of Work Life Balance
32:30 Hacking The Price Is Right
40:30 The Best Way To Establish Contact With Someone
42:25 The Most Common Traits Amongst His Interviewees
45:30 Being Able To Talk About Failures
47:30 Having The Chip On Your Shoulder
51:30 Start Finding Yourself Now
55:15 The Positive Experience Behind Recording His Own Audiobook

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