Alan Stein Jr. is a high performance coach, consultant, speaker, and author. He’s spent 15+ years with the highest performing basketball players on the planet.

And with the NBA Finals now in full-swing, I felt like there was no better time to bring in an industry expert to anecdotally talk about the habits of the greatest – from Kobe Bryant, to LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant. Additionally, he has experience working with the Nike Skills Academies, McDonald’s All-American game, Jordan Brand Classic, NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp, and the CP3 Elite Guard Camp. Important to mention all of the above as he's so articulate with framing the conversation from youth to pro.

On the show we discuss the soft skills of basketballs top talents – which are shared talents of industry leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Topics include:

- Gathering and processing feedback
- Positive empathy
- Practice strategies
- Leadership
- Habits and fundamentals

Alan’s a tremendous speaker, and he flexes that skillset on the show, packing every minute with great framework and motivation.

Hosted by professional athlete and entrepreneur, Suiting Up Podcast is a show that explores the psychology, playbook of tools, and strategies of the most influential people in sports, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Alan Stein

Alan Stein

High Performance Coach

Show Notes

3:00 The Importance of Youth Coaching
5:00 Why Basketball?
8:00 How Alan Recruited Elon To Let Him Play
12:20 The Importance of "Reps"
14:35 Processing Feedback
18:45 Hearing Vs. Listening
20:15 Empathy
25:05 What All The Best Players Do
28:05 Building Off The Fundamentals
33:20 Balancing Experience with Athleticism
35:00 Developing Team Culture Through Individuals
42:10 The Importance of Finding Your Why
44:50 How Alan Continues to Grow

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