Success doesn't measure a human being, effort does.

Adam Grant has been Wharton's School of Business's top-rated professor for the last six years. He’s a 3x NYT bestselling author, with a focus on how we can find motivation, meaning, and live more generous and creative lives. Adam's been recognized as one of the world's 10 most influential management thinkers, he's a Fortune 40 under 40 member, has 2 viral TED talks (we discuss them in the pod), and has recently launched his own podcast with TED, called WorkLife with Adam Grant.

Adam also works, advises, and consults with organizations like Facebook, Google, The NBA, BCG, AMEX, Disney, Army, Navy, and others. Not too shabby…

I first learned about Adam several years ago through his books. Many of my long-time listeners might recall interviews where I both recommend and call-out Adam's book with Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s COO), Option B — Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy.

Just over one year ago, Adam reached out to me via email to say “Thank you for the book callout”. I was shocked — as uncertain of my place in his world of influence, as well as…how he even got my email. More-so, I was blown away by his outbound message — which was entirely unexpected, made my day, and continues to inspire me to do the same in the present moment.

So, 12 months later, I reached back out to Adam's email to request if he could join me on my show. Of course, Adam made it work, and today, I’m sharing that conversation with you.

I’ve spent the greater part of the last four years in sports psychology, and the last three in cognitive and interpersonal therapy — which has been hugely beneficial to my personal and professional growth. Just like those sessions, today’s episode is brought to you in one-piece – with no ads.

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Adam Grant

Adam Grant

Organizational Psychologist

Show Notes

3:20 The Battle Between Being Busy and Helpful
6:20 Why Are Sports So Important To Adam
9:50 Building Camaraderie In Sports
12:00 Givers Vs. Takers
13:30 The Butler Bulldogs' Decentralized Leadership Model
16:10 Pivoting a Star's Role
18:50 The Art of Framing
21:00 Changing The Golden Rule
23:20 What's Wrong With The Coach Hiring Process
27:35 Being A Giver That Has A Successful Career
33:00 Screening In Sports
38:00 Creating An Environment Where You Can Ask For Help
46:30 Work-Life Balance