When we concepted and launched the podcast, I knew it would be fun to engage with my professional peers, but underestimated the value I would receive from sitting back and listening to their expertise and tips. Every guest I've hosted has experienced a certain degree of failure, loss, or trauma, causing them to either "bottom out" or hit "reset". However with every guest and each circumstance, there's been an amazing rebound; a success that they've credited from their learnings in failure.

On today's show, we highlight some of the best moments from Suiting Up Podcast guests. It's Part 3 of my Reflection Series, and it's a great one. You'll hear from:

1. Jay Williams
2. Miles Chamley-Watson
3. Matt Hasselbeck
4. Dave Pietramala

Show Notes

1:15 What is failure
2:55 Jay Williams on obstacles when achieving success
11:45 Miles Chamley-Watson on opening your mindset around failure
17:40 Matt Hasselbeck on finding success through turbulence
27:25 Dave Pietramala on what it takes to be successful