There are a number of things unique about this episode:

1. It's just me. No interviewee.
2. I take some time to update you on my podcast, my life, and what you can expect over the next 14 days (hopefully, Team USA wins a gold medal!).
3. I share 2 very meaningful articles that came across my desk this week. One on regret minimization framework -- something I've personally adopted as of later -- and the second on the correlation between professional ambition/success and pain.

Thanks for listening, and I welcome all of your feedback -- always. Shoot me a note over twitter: @PaulRabil.

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Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil

Show Notes

0:00 Touching Base
4:30 Regret Minimization By Ryan Holiday
13:15 Losing The 2014 World Championships
15:05 What About The World's Geniuses

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