We spend hours in prep and research for each guest on our show.

Last week, we published our 10th episode of Suiting Up. It's been a year since my co-creator, Tyler Steinhardt, and I first ideated a podcast theme, built a plan, and began to take our first measured steps towards execution.

No matter the business, taking your concept to actionable steps is challenging. Funding the product creation cycle is risky. Going to market is rare. Acquiring customers (or in our case, listeners) is hard. In episode 11, Tyler and I invite you behind-the-scenes to talk about when, why and how we created the show, what we've learned, and the challenges that lie ahead.

From founding tech-centric startups, to deploying strategic investments to leveraging social media and building a digital brand, today’s athlete, whether active or retired, is continuously redefining what it means to be a professional off the playing surface. Welcome to Suiting Up with Paul Rabil.

Tyler Steinhardt

Tyler Steinhardt

Lacrosse GM at Whistle Sports and Founder of Shootout For Soldiers

Show Notes

4:00 Homescreen Apps
8:05 Background on Tyler and how the podcast was started
15:00 Producing media in all forms
18:05 Consuming content using audio
20:25 Our podcast mission
24:20 Executing the plan
30:00 What makes our show unique
35:35 Preparing for each guest and distribution
41:45 Reactions and feedback
51:00 Favorite podcasts