When I concepted and launched the podcast, I knew it would be fun to engage with my professional peers, but underestimated the value I would receive from sitting back and listening to their expertise and tips. Every guest I've hosted is a world-class high performer. She or he is mechanical, methodical, thoughtful, has high emotional intelligence, and shows incredible leadership traits. That said, I've found the common denominator and shared characteristic of all -- is hard work. Top athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs know how to work really hard.

In Part 1 of my 3-Part Suiting Up Podcast Musings, I'm going to highlight 5 guests from 2017's class of interviewees, telling you my bottom line to their best sound bites on high performance. You'll hear from:

1. Scott Galloway on Building a Career
2. DeMaurice Smith on Task and Calendar Management
3. Venus Williams on the Importance of Nutrition
4. Lyle Thompson on Training Tips
5. Gary Vaynerchuk on Fighting Unfairly

Show Notes

3:00 Scott Galloway on Working Really, Really Hard
11:40 Tips on routine
14:10 DeMaurice Smith on Optimizing Workload Productivity
19:40 Venus Williams on Nutrition on the go
26:10 Lyle Thompson on Treadmill Workouts
32:30 Gary Vaynerchuk on High Performance Tips

Noteworthy Resources