Episode 3: Venus Williams


It's important to empower and create a positive environment.

She’s widely regarded as one of the all-time greats in tennis. With her younger sister, Serena Williams in a best supporting role, she’s helped usher in a new era of power, athleticism and marketability to the women's professional circuit. Her duality as a successful athlete and entrepreneur can be measured by championships and sales figures, but she would tell you her greatest impact has been made through her activism for gender equality in professional sports.

Venus Williams is one of the busiest people in sports business. She’s the CEO of her own athleisure company, Eleven by Venus Williams, and CEO of her commercial interior design business, VStarr Interiors (she’s also a minority owner in the Miami Dolphins). For her, it’s important to have life balance, where she’s committed to a plant-based diet, and loves to dance.